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We have recently announced our migration to an upgraded, more secure and more sustainable version of the THUGS Token (V2).
While the migration process is on course, we have temporarily replaced our website with this Migration Central to help us stay close to our holders and centralize the information, guaranteeing not only that everything will run smoothly, but also that no one will be left unassisted.
Thank you for your support and confidence.
The smart contract MIGRATION DATE JUNE 08 2022

THUGS V2 New Contract: "0x6742240F60C52197b9fadca1f1347F45f6897F92"

THUGS OLD Contract: "0xE10e9822A5de22F8761919310DDA35CD997d63c0"

There is a possibility that scammers will try to airdrop false V2 tokens to holders' wallets. This is a malicious attack known as "dusting" that can result in the loss of your tokens if you interact with them. When you receive our airdrop, after we inform it was concluded, we recommend you double-check the contract address first before interacting with the tokens, including transferring and swapping them.

The Thugs Finance Team

Balanced circular economy
Digital Experience
Entertained and value created digital interactions
Beautiful and distinct design:
visual and sound


  • Build a casual and distinct game metaverse focused on mobile.

  • Playable across platforms (PC/mobile) and multi-chains.

  • Design a sound circular economy with real monetary flow.

  • Bring both joy and opportunities to make money for gamers.